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Service Fees

The main questions we are often asked at the very beginning of any partnership are: what the cost of TRIZA Exclusive service is going to be, and how the price is formed?

Now, well try and make it clear what the service and its cost consist of. But first of all let us announce average figures.

Personnel search, selection and recruitment service:

  • Average TRIZA Exclusive fee makes 20-25% of expected annual income of the specialist accepted for employment;
  • The fee is divided into 2 payments: 30% - advance payment, 70% after the specialist has actually turned up for work;
  • Obligatory warranty for a free of charge replacement of the selected specialist covers 90-180 calendar days;

These are standard rules defining terms for the most part of our projects. But it should be noted that there is an exception for every rule. The key condition for our efficient collaboration is your willingness to cooperate and conscious desire to listen to expert opinions of TRIZA Exclusive consultants.

Now lets go into the details of the service and price formation.
Each project is unique: its not without reason that we appreciate professional talents and encourage creativity in our consultants. Individual approach means that when launching the project (upon receiving the personnel order form) TRIZA Exclusive consultants evaluate the project prospectives, determine possible terms of its completion and specifics of the search; these data help us work out the general action program and serve as a basis for calculating manhours and corresponding fee.

In the very beginning of our dialogue we ask you to fill in the personnel order form.

To minimize time expenditures for our customers we devised several specialized order forms. Whats more: when launching the project we are ready to start with a non-formal description of the vacancy, or a ready-made Job Description, if you have already got one: its very important that we define the prospectives and priorities of the project as soon as possible. After thorough analysis of the received order TRIZA Exclusive consultant will get in touch with you and share his or her expert vision regarding the following project features:

  • Time limits for fulfilling our obligations search, involving and selection of specialists;
  • Difficulty level; probability of filling the vacancy with reasoning and conclusions;
  • Methods to be used in this project for search and involving of specialists;
  • TRIZA Exclusive service fee;
  • Warranty period (free of charge replacement) offered within the project;

Search specifics and fees:

  • Management selection in general 1725% of the annual income for the specialist in question (approximately 2-3 monthly salaries for the vacancy); selection includes standard search and assessment procedures such as TRIZA Exclusive database analysis, handling incoming responses, searching by references, etc.;
  • Search and involving of specialists and professionals 2025% of the annual income; here we make a special point of competent confidential communications with successful specialists that, as a rule, are not inolved into the active search of new career opportunities;
  • Executive Search 1/3 of the annual income; here we speak about specified companies and specialists with proven experience interesting for the Customer;
  • Personnel Assessment depending upon the aims, scale (Assessment Center) and certain tasks: from 100 000 to 1 000 000 roubles;
  • Psychological testing depending upon the aims and tasks: from 10 000 to 45 000 roubles.

Should you wish to learn more about TRIZA Exclusive consulting service in the HR field, please send a request to TRIZA Exclusive managing director Alyona Sedlenek. In your letter please specify the subject of future discussion.