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Finance and Accounting

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Responsibilities (options) Accounting in production
Responsibilities (options) Accounting in trade
Responsibilities (options) Accounting in finance
Responsibilities (options) Accounting in audit
Responsibilities (options) Accounting in investments field
Responsibilities (options) Accounting in building and construction
Responsibilities (options) Accounting in service industries
Responsibilities (options) Accounting in public catering
Responsibilities (options) Accounting according to Russian standards
Responsibilities (options) Accounting according to European standards
Responsibilities (options) Drawing up the enterprise balance, accounting requirements
Responsibilities (options) Payroll accounting
Responsibilities (options) Tangible property accounting
Responsibilities (options) Currency transactions
Responsibilities (options) Opening accounts in foreign currency/roubles
Responsibilities (options) Interaction with banks
Responsibilities (options) Licensing the enterprise activity
Responsibilities (options) Working with funds
Responsibilities (options) Stock book-keeping
Responsibilities (options) Carrying out audits
Responsibilities (options) Analysing and forecasting finance and business activities of the enterprise
Responsibilities (options) Staff management
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