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Ordering Personnel

Try and see - our methods are unique! We feel, we know for sure where to find, how to engage, what to motivate with and how to retain the personnel

We are happy to see you examining the pages of TRIZA Exclusive Web-site! We hope the articles we offer help you better understand our values and approaches that contribute to successful attracting smartest professionals for you, dear customers.

To achieve most, we need as much information about the vacancy as possible. Thats why we always offer our clients an order form to fill.

We aim at full mutual understanding and transparency in customer relationships and do our best to make each search project comprehensible, controllable and fruitful.

Completed order form provides TRIZA Exclusive consultants with a vision of the Customers specific requirements regarding professional experience and personal traits of the specialist to search. Order form is supposed to render vital information about the vacancy such as working conditions, compensations and the companys specifics. We make a point of how the vacancy is positioned within the company structure, look at the subordination levels, compensation offered and what it consists of, long-term prospectives all these details influencing candidates motivation when they consider this vacancy.

Immediately after prompt but thorough analysis of the order form TRIZA Exclusive consultant competent in this market sector will give you a call to share his or her ideas about the project prospectives. Our consultant might comment upon the demand for such kind of specialists in the market, upon the average income level for successful professionals of the industry under analysis. You will learn more about possible timing and stages of our search project, as well as about the resources needed for its completion.

Active search starts as soon as we have our contract signed by both parties, but we undertake the preliminary marketing analysis and search for information in the TRIZA Exclusive database files within a few hours after your order has become registered with us.

When searching, selecting and involving specialists we use most versatile tools and methods depending upon the project specifics. Due to wide connections in Moscow and St Petersburg markets we contact persons of interest at breakneck speed. While carrying out the Customers order TRIZA Exclusive consultants are always open for communication, easy to reach, they provide the necessary feedback regularly, help the Customer better understand and define the search priorities. Should the search strategy need minor corrections, our consultants will also share their ideas with the Customer.

Its been 19 years now that we operate in the HR consulting market. We are sure that labour market of both Russian capitals today is a battlefield with non-stop fight for true professionals on it. Most qualified and experienced TRIZA Exclusive consultants confidentially keep in touch with sucessful managers of all industries within the framework of a specially designed program Accompaniment to the Professionals Career. We gain actual information about plans and intentions of our potential protégées, reveal true motivation for transferring to another company. Thanks to that we are anytime ready to respond to our customers requests, give expert evaluation of search prospectives for the specified professional field and contact properly qualified specialists.

Most part of our projects presuppose free competition among interested professionals. But there is another kind of services we are happy to offer: Executive Search that involves only those specialists the Customer considers to be potentially useful, or possessing specific skills and experience, or well-known in the market. TRIZA Exclusive consultants are ready to manage all subtleties of the negotiation process and discuss transfer prospectives with the chosen specialist avoiding direct associations with the Customers interest. Nowadays it is never enough to know the direct phone number of a professional: one must skillfully lead communications in such a way that the result would be advantageous for all parties concerned.

Expert communications with the person of interest help us achieve understanding with all participants of the project, ensure balanced decisions and long-term partnership success.

Fruitful negotiations over, the new employee gets down to his duties. But TRIZA Exclusive project comprises the adaptation period as well. We undertake warranty for the time period stated in the contract and will repeat the search should it come that the Customer or the Professional change their mutual intentions. But during the warranty period we keep in touch with both parties involved in the project and try heartily to take into account all nuances of the developing cooperation while soothing incidental misunderstanding and easing newcomers stressful moments through confidential discussions.

If you consider making use of TRIZA Exclusive services, please, fill in the preliminary personnel order form. Prompt outlining our priorities will serve a foundation stone for the constructive cooperation of our companies.

Bon voyage!