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St. Petersburg

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+7 (812) 571-3502
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Office location map and Address

5 nab. kanala Griboyedova, St. Petersburg, 191186, Russia (Business Center Griboedov). Office # 224.
Find us in St.Petersburg:

TRIZA Exclusive-SPb office is located in the Griboyedov Business Center. To visit us, go to the Nevskiy Prospect metro station (exit to Griboyedov canal). Cross the canal and move along the embankment heading on to the Church of the Saviour-on-the-blood. Vis-à-vis the Church there will be the central entrance to the Sankt-Peterburg restaurant (Griboyedov emb. 5). Business center is to be accessed via the restaurants lobby (look for the large sign Business center). Please be ready to show your passport to the guard.

TRIZA Exclusive-SPb office occupies rooms ##223-224 in the 1st floor.