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TRIZA Exclusive project «Professionals’ career support»

Professionals’ Career Support - TRIZA Exclusive Business Project

What Is It?
This is a program of individual, strictly confidential cooperation of TRIZA Exclusive leading consultants with professionals of Moscow and St Petersburg.
PCS is open to you – if you are successful in what you do, if you are well-positioned within a prominent company and if you are interested in developing your own career!

How Does It Work?
We establish confidential contacts with outstanding specialists and top managers of both capitals, including those who aren’t ready yet to consider offers from other companies, but would wish to learn more about their personal prospectives and current situation in the labor market.
We make an appointment at one of TRIZA Exclusive offices. Our correspondence, our negotiations, all sorts of information obtained during the interview remain strictly confidential, but help us understand our mutual possibilities and prospectives of cooperation.
Having learned as much as possible about your experience, talents, skills and motivation, we enlist you into the pool of PCS professionals. Since this moment on we are perfectly ready to recommend you for best positions with TRIZA Exclusive partners and new customers – and quite often regardless of oficially announced vacancies.

Professionals’ Career Support (PCS) is a highly individualized, targeted, client-oriented consulting program helping the professionals prepare themselves to a possible switchover to a company of special interest and effectuate it avoiding any eventual risk of conflicts and misunderstanding. As for the TRIZA Exclusive customers, this project serves as a basis for confidential negotiations with most brilliant professionals of their industry, and more than that – without open search. This helps companies keep the information confidential from competitors, and TRIZA Exclusive consultants support the customers’ HR departments in forming succession pool of candidates for future solutions within the organization.

What Is Special About PCS?
While carrying out a regular Executive Search project TRIZA Exclusive consultants approach only those candidates who potentially meet the requirements of some actual vacancy. The interview is usually focused upon matching skills and competence of the specialist and actual customers’ expectations. In such a case, unfortunately, our consultants lack time and possibility to discuss in full the professional’s experience, analize his/her future expectations, touch upon long-term prospective. This implies a risk of rash decisions and inaccurate conclusions due to emotional impact and misunderstanding. But here PCS lends a helping hand!
Within the frames of PCS we meet you exactly because we are interested in you personally. Your experience, your priorities, your choices regarding career development… On our side, we are ready to discuss the current market situation, future possibilities undisclosed in your career. We inform you about the compensation level you could count upon and what difficulties are to be expected.
PCS gives no guarantee of employment. PCS consultant is determined to ensure that whatever career step our client makes (and here ‘our client’ means ‘our potential candidate’) this step will be well-considered, balanced and constructive, working for the long-term prospective. And needless to say it will be our pleasure to get in touch with the company of your interest and try to find ways of your future co-operation. We will assist you in meeting each other – having you passed the PCS interview, all necessary information will be at our disposal.

How Do I Join the PCS?
It’s as easy as ABC. If you are not ready to publicly announce your intentions and leave your private information in open sources (job sites, press, etc.) – drop a line to one of our consultants working on PCS program.
These are:
TRIZA Exclusive vice-president, acting consultant Alyona Sedlenek.
CEO TRIZA Exclusive-Saint-Petersburg, acting consultant Svetlana Kataeva.
TRIZA Exclusive chief consultant Alexander Aratsky.
TRIZA Exclusive chief consultant Tatiana Zotova.
TRIZA Exclusive-Saint-Petersburg chief consultant Ilya Smetanin.
TRIZA Exclusive-Saint-Petersburg chief consultant Liudmila Smolina.

Who Are We Looking For?
This is the reality: in vast majority of cases TRIZA Exclusive customers are willing to see smart and ambitious specialists – regardless of age and experience. This is why our consultants will give special consideration to those who are:
Professionals with sound understanding of their own ambitions, expectations and prospectives;
Specialists with profound professional skills and knowledge, experience in specified market segment or field;
Open for constant changes, starving for new knowledge, ever mastering their expertise in specific professional aspects;
mentally alert and agile;
able/ready to take responsibility;
restless and looking for more;

If this description fits you well, if you are open for the dialogue – we are right here.

PCS consultants welcome you!