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TRIZA Exclusive partners

Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry promotes Moscow economics and its integration into the world and Russian economic system. The Chamber facilitates formation of modern industry, financial and trading infrastructure, creates favourable conditions for entrepreneurship, settles relationships between business owners and their social partners, in every way possible supports development of all kinds of entrepreneurship, trade, economic and scientific connections between Moscow business owners and entrepreneurs from all over Russia and abroad. MCCI also coordinates and supports the interests for those business entities, business owners and their associations functioning in Moscow, regardless of their form of ownership and subordination, but first of all members of the Chamber.

TRIZA Exclusive is a member of MCCI since the day of its founding (TRIZA Employment Society joined the Chamber in 1994th). Company executives take active part in the work of various committees and guilds of the Chamber.

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Association of Russian managers Association of Russian managers is a professional organization aiming at development of Russian business community. It creates and offers practical knowledge-based resources for personal and professional growth of modern management leaders. All programs and events of the Association are supposed to help leading specialists achieve success in their working place and to provide them for non-stop mastering of their professional skills.

The Association forms professional standards for managers in Russia, creates and distributes advanced knowledge and experience, improves the quality of business management. This is a dynamic environment of professional growth and recognition.

TRIZA Exclusive is a full member of the Association since 2002.

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