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Finance & Investments

As in many sectors of Russian market, in financial management new professions and new activities coexist with very traditional ones. Accounting is among the foundations of any commercial process. Demand for knowledgeable accountants and chief accountants is never low. Business development faces these specialists with new requirements depending upon the specifics of their field: competence in international accounting standards, grasp of various electronic products, reference programs and specialized SAP modules. TRIZA Exclusive database comprises information about accountants of any, even most rare, qualification. The higher level of finance management in large companies is under the authority of financial controllers, managers and directors. Professional consultants execute search, selection and testing of this category of specialists. Investment managers could be named among comparatively new but already very asked-for groups of specialists. Their tasks include evaluation of attractiveness for various projects in various fields, be it building and construction, real estate, production or retail chains. As a rule these are managers with excellent education in the field of general management.

Specializations by professional activity fields: